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It's Official: Apple Watch Nike+ Available October 28

The Apple Watch Nike+ will be released in just two weeks. It's the perfect watch for those who care the most about running.

The Dagadam Watch Looks Like A Round Apple Watch

A new Kickstarter project for a watch called the Dagadam Watch just launched today with the hopes of bringing the "most intelligent smartwatch ever" to market.

Control AirPods Volume With Louder! on Your Apple Watch

Adjust the volume on any Bluetooth device, including Apple's AirPods, with this handy app which is accessible via complication.

Apple Watch Is the Most Accurate Fitness Wearable

A new study done by the Cleveland Clinic found that the Apple Watch is the most accurate fitness wearable, according to the Times.

Apple Is Going After Fitbit

Apple is going head-to-head with Fitbit with the Apple Watch Series 2. Will they win? Or will they lose?

Auto Unlock an Older Mac With the Apple Watch Using This Hack

The Apple Watch auto unlock feature only works on 2013 and newer Macs, but owners of older computers may be able to access that feature using this hack.

Apple Watch Banned From UK Cabinet Due to Hacking Concerns

Due to security concerns and fears about Russian hackers, the Apple Watch has been banned from UK Cabinet meetings.

Apple Watch Battery Tips

These handy tips can help you eek more life from your Apple Watch battery, regardless of size. And who doesn't want that?

"21 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks"

Here are some useful Apple Watch tips for newbies and early adopters alike.

Basketball Hoops, Arcade for Watch is a Charming Apple Watch Game

Play this 8-bit Apple Watch game entirely on your wrist.

JUUK Unveils Aluminum Apple Watch Bands that start for $50 on Kickstarter

For those of you who are looking for a great Apple Watch link bracelet the JUUK Premium Aluminum Apple Watch bands might be your best bet.

9to5Mac Video Shows Apple Watch Series 1 Just As Fast As Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 1 is put to the (speed) test.

"Hands-On: The White Ceramic Apple Watch Edition (And Some White Ceramic Watch History)"

Coming from the world of high-end watches, blogger Stephen Pulvirent has written a detailed review of the white ceramic Apple Watch Edition.

Microsoft’s Apple Watch Competitor Won’t Get A Refresh

Microsoft has pulled the plug on its Apple Watch competitor and has begun pulling listings for its current Band from its online store.

MultiTimer Lets You Use Multiple Timers on the Apple Watch

Run up to six timers on the Apple Watch at once.

Give Your Screenshots a Professional Look With LongScreen

Make your iPhone and Apple Watch screenshots look sharp in seconds.

Speidel Brings Its Twist-O-Flex Band To The Apple Watch

According to Speidel, the new Apple Watch Twist-O-Flex bands will start shipping today. They're available in both 42mm and 38mm and both are priced at just $39.95.

Give Your Watch a New Look With a Nyloon Apple Watch Band

Third-party Apple Watch band maker Nyloon has several unique nylon styles to bring color and flair to your wrist.

Android Wear 2.0 Delayed Until Early 2017

Announced at Google I/O earlier this year, Android Wear 2.0 has been delayed from release this fall and pushed to launch sometime in early 2017.

New York’s Union Square Cafe will use Apple Watches to Improve Customer Service

The Union Square Cafe, located in New York City will begin using Apple Watches in an attempt to improve its customer service, according to Eater.

Glimpse Real-Time Content on your Apple Watch Face

Glimpse Watch Face brings real-time content from your favorite social feeds and news outlets right to your Apple Watch face.

Belkin and Incase Debut their Official Apple Watch Bands

Belkin and Incase unveiled their first official Apple Watch bands today as the case makers become increasingly interested in making accessories for the Apple Watch.

Aetna to Give its 50,000 Employees Free Apple Watches, Partially Subsidize to Customers

Insurance company Aetna today announced a new insurance program centered around the Apple Watch where it will both give away and subsidize the cost depending on if you're a customer or an employee of the company.