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"21 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks"

"21 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks"

October 8, 2016

I came across this fabulous article on Tom’s Guide by Jason Snell entitled 21 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks. It’s a great beginner’s guide for the Apple Watch, or for people who want to get to know their Apple Watch and watchOS 3 better. It’s in slide format, so you have to click through 23 screens to see what each of the tips are. So I’ve written out the complete list for you below. I tried to link each one to the corresponding slide so you could go directly to the tip you wanted, but apparently their system doesn’t allow that kind of shortcut. At any rate, scan this list to┬ádecide if it’s worth clicking through all of those screens.

Apps on the Dock and in Complications get priority

Keep apps in the Dock

Reorder apps in the Dock

Remove items from the Dock

Now Playing lets you control audio from the Dock

Tap twice on a Message to send a tapback

Get quick access with the emoji button

Scribble lets you write responses with your finger – and with autocomplete

Switch watch faces with just a swipe

Build new watch faces in the Apple Watch app

Use watch face Complications as app launchers

View a route map in Activity

Start a workout fast

Workout shortcuts

Give names to your Other workouts

Clear all notifications from Notification Center

Turn on Water Lock anytime you’re worried about stray presses (on Apple Watch Series 2)

Use your Apple Watch as an iPod

Use Home to control your HomeKit appliances

Turn off Breathe, or tune it up

Ping your phone