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Latest News

Apple Patents Digital Crown Fast Charging Functionality

Patently Apple has noted an Apple patent that covers a new functionality to possibly be added to the Digital Crown: fast charging.

Clearance Prices on Woven Nylon Bands at Walmart

Pick up a deal now at Walmart on the Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band in certain colors and sizes, plus you can price match to get these prices at Best Buy.

Invaders Mini Recalls Classic Arcade Game Space Invaders

If you like the classic Space Invaders game that everyone with an Atari owned in the 1980s, you'll enjoy Invaders Mini on your Apple Watch.

Vekt - Track Your Weight Fast & Simple on the Apple Watch

Are you looking for a simple weight tracker on your Apple Watch to help motivate you to stick to your fitness goals? Check out Vekt.

Oittm Portable Charger Tops Off Apple Watch Battery on the Go

This portable charger keychain from Oittm is a convenient way to charge your Apple Watch on the go, but there are a few caveats you should know about.

Outpost Defender is an Arcade Style Game for Apple Watch

Did you enjoy playing arcade games like Asteroids back in the day? Check out Outpost Defender for that kind of action game on the Apple Watch.

Sweetheart Apple Watch Series 1 Deal at Target

Looking for a gift for your honey this Valentine's Day? Pick up this sweetheart of an Apple Watch series 1 deal at Target.

Q4 Apple Watch Sales Dominate Smartwatch Market

Can we finally stop talking about the Apple Watch as being some kind of dud? Estimated 2016 holiday quarter Apple Watch sales indicate otherwise.

MacRumors Video Shows Theater Mode in WatchOS 3.2 Beta

WatchOS 3.2 has been released, and MacRumors has released a short video that shows exactly how Theater Mode works on the Apple Watch.

Where's My Geek? Hidden Object Game on Apple Watch

Where's My Geek? The Best Hidden Object Game is actually the only hidden object game for Apple Watch I've come across so far.

Weight Watchers Offers a Deal on an Apple Watch 2

Weight Watchers is offering a discount on an Apple Watch 2 with purchase of their OnlinePlus program with a 13 month contract.

WaterMinder - Water Hydration Reminder & Tracker is Free Today

Easily the most popular and feature-filled hydration tracking app, WaterMinder, has gone free. It was previously priced at $1.99.

Functional Band Links Shown in New Apple Patent

Today Apple gained approval for an patent for a modular functional band design. Will we see this in a future iteration of the Apple Watch?

Wallpapers & Themes to Customize Your Apple Watch

Wallpapers & Themes is from Pimp Your Screen developer Apalon Apps. This app makes it easy to customize your watch with a fresh photo anytime.

Floræ - Linnaeus' Flower Clock Beautifies Your Watch Face

Floræ - Linnaeus' Flower Clock is a purely decorative app. Its complication is a pretty new flower every hour of the day in a 24 hour cycle.

Memorado Offers Brain Training on the Apple Watch

Memorado Brain Training for Memory & Mindfulness lets you train your brain with mini games on your wrist. You can access the full program on your iPhone.

RetailMeNot Saves You Money Shopping, Dining, and More

RetailMeNot is a well-known coupon code site for online shopping, but the app gets you discounts at brick and mortar establishments of all kinds.

Watch Brick Breaker is a Simple Apple Watch Game

Watch Brick Breaker is a simple retro 80s style game similar to Breakout that you can play exclusively on the Apple Watch.

Week Calendar Offers More Features Than Stock Calendar App

Week Calendar gives you more information than the native Calendar app. You can see a whole week's agenda with a single tap.

"Why I’m an (Almost) Everyday Apple Watch Wearer"

Writer/Musician Jon Mitchell has written a wonderfully thought out long form piece about his everyday Apple Watch experience.

Create Your Own Vintage Mac Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Were you as charmed as we were by this Vintage Mac charging stand? Now you can create your own with a 3D printer and these instructions from Thingiverse.

Headspace Helps You Relax and Meditate

Headspace is a relaxation app that you can control from your Apple Watch. It uses guided meditation to help you get into the right head space.

White Noise You Control From Your Apple Watch

There are many white noise apps on the App Store; this is a nice one. Your Apple Watch acts as a functional controller for the app.

Customize Your Apple Watch With Custom Faces

Custom Faces is a simple, free app that allows you to showcase a favorite quote, slogan, or a reminder on your Apple Watch Face.