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Latest News

Have Peace of Mind on the Go with Companion

When you're traveling, regardless of why, you want peace of mind. This is true close to home and afar, and Companion helps bring you that security.

Track Your Day With Life Cycle for Better Productivity

When you want to become more productive, you need a way to track your day. Life Cycle provides that, even from your wrist on Apple Watch.

Travel and Save the Memories on Apple Watch with journi

Traveling is wonderful, but you need a way to help preserve the memories. For when you want to ditch your iPhone, you can save the memories on Apple Watch.

Find a Roommate on Apple Watch With SpareRoom USA

Find your next roommate on Apple Watch with this slick app, narrowing down your choices based on your own personal tastes and characteristics.

Track Walking With Real-World Examples in Outwalk

To really get interested in walking, sometimes you need real-world examples. With Outwalk, track walking in terms of famous landmarks, routes, and paths.

Look Right Agency and the Apple Watch Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

You're visiting the Ukraine with a hot new virtual travel agency, but then find yourself in a thrilling Apple Watch choose-your-own-adventure.

Maps on Apple Watch Are Better With WorkOutDoors

No matter what your outdoor sport of choice is, your maps on Apple Watch are going to be more beautiful and useful with WorkOutDoors.

Track Your Outdoor Travels Without Your iPhone In YoNav

There are lots of GPS location and telemetry apps out there for Apple Watch, but this one lets you track your outdoor travels without your iPhone.

Use Your Apple Watch As a Second Display With InstaLogo

When you're designing, second displays are very useful. That's hard to do with an iPhone, but InstaLogo lets you use your Apple Watch as a second display.

Apple Has Released watchOS 4 Beta 5

If you're a registered developer with Apple, be sure to take a look at watchOS 4 Beta 5, which has recently been released.

Dictating Notes on Apple Watch Is Easy With Quick Notes

Your iPhone isn't the only device that lets you speak to it. Dictating notes on Apple Watch is definitely a breeze with Quick Notes.

Apple Watch Sales Analytics: It's Just 'Educated Voodoo'

When it comes to Apple Watch sales analytics, there's a major problem. The silence from Cupertino about units sold means researchers have to guess.

No Apple Watch Sales Figures, But They're Increasing

In the third-quarter 2017 financial results call, Apple Watch sales figures were still masked in secrecy, but Cupertino reported them on the rise.

Decibel Meter Pro on Your Apple Watch Protects Hearing

You don't need to buy an expensive decibel meter to keep track of noise pollution. Your iPhone, Apple Watch, and this app are all you need.

Watch Kittens Play on Your Apple Watch With Neko Atsume

That Apple Watch you have can do more than just keep you on task. You can also do fun things, like watch kittens play on your Apple Watch, with Neko Atsume.

How to Plan a Bad Apple Watch App: Bustle Knows

We usually focus on the best choices for your wrist, but sometimes a really bad Apple Watch app comes along that we want to warn you about. Here's one.

The Apple Watch Series 3 Will Have Limited LTE Capability

The prediction for the next-generation Apple Watch to have LTE capability doesn't necessarily mean voice calling without your iPhone.

Living Better Is Fun With Streaks on Your Apple Watch

Living better can be fun when you make a game out of it. This app challenges you to streaks of healthier living, and it works well with your Apple Watch.

Apple Released the Fourth watchOS 4 Beta

In case you missed it, Cupertino released the latest watchOS 4 beta. The fourth build of the new Apple Watch operating system is available for install.

Using Pennies to Keep an Eye on Your Money Makes Sense

When you want to keep an eye on your money, it should be as easy as possible. Nothing could be easier than doing it with Pennies on your Apple Watch.

Build Better Habits With Productive and Your Apple Watch

With Productive on your Apple Watch, you'll find it much easier to build better habits. This app cracks the code of developing habits a little at a time.

Track Sleep Using Your Apple Watch and Pillow

This app and your Apple Watch are all you need to track your sleep.

Your Broken Apple Watch Could Be Worth a Series 1 Model

In some countries and circumstances, a broken Apple Watch could be replaced by the newer, Series 1 model of the wearable device.

UBS: Apple Watch is Taking Over

According to a new report from UBS, the Apple Watch is starting to dominate the wrists of people who wear watches, and its popularity is beginning to grow.