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Latest News

Your LTE Apple Watch Signal Meter Isn't Always Displayed

An interesting tip has come in from Australia, where a consumer has discovered that the LTE Apple Watch signal meter isn't always displayed.

Apple Releases watchOS 4, so get to Downloading

We've been waiting all summer for watchOS 4, and now it's arrived. Download it now and breathe a fresh new life into your Apple Watch.

Tune Stringed Instruments With Apple Watch, Thanks to Cifra Club Tuner

If you're looking for an app that will allow you to tune stringed instruments with Apple Watch no matter how many strings, Cifra Club Tuner is for you.

Have a Variometer on Apple Watch with skyVario

Whether in a glider or a motorized aircraft, instruments are crucial.You can have a variometer on Apple Watch, and more, for additional confidence flying.

The Various Options for Apple Watch Series 3

There are several options for Apple Watch Series 3, so let's look at each one's pricing and availability for preorder and shipping.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features You Should Know About

To break down the announcement for you and help you make a purchase decision, here are the most important of the Apple Watch Series 3 features.

Coming Soon: watchOS 4 for the Masses

In what seems to me to be the biggest update ever, watchOS 4 is arriving soon. Here are the top new features of the wearable device operating system.

Introducing Apple Watch Series 3: A Dick Tracy Cellular Wristwatch

Apple Watch Series 3 was announced today at Apple's "Let's meet at our place" event. It boasts LTE connectivity and new band and case color options.

What We Know About the New Apple Watch

There's little doubt now that a new Apple Watch is coming September 12, so here's what we are pretty sure we know about the wearable device.

Get Fit With 7min (Watch) Workouts

If you want to get fit but are short on time, a seven-minute workout helps tremendously. This Apple Watch app can guide you to a healthier you.

Three Reasons I Expect Apple Watch Series 3 on September 12

Even though little has been said about Apple Watch Series 3, and almost nothing leaked, Jeff Byrnes still thinks the wearable device is coming Fall 2017.

The Aptly-Named Voice & Text Translator Does Just What it Says

When you're traveling abroad, you need a voice and text translator to help communicate with people. That's exactly what this app is called and what it does.

With Watch Lister, Creating Lists on Your Wrist is Easy

Creating lists on your Apple Watch hasn't always been the easiest task, but third-party apps like Watch Lister definitely help things.

Say 'You're Being Rude' From Your Apple Watch

If someone is shunning you by focusing on their mobile device, they're "phubbing" you. Tell them they're being rude with the help of your Apple Watch.

Cadence on Apple Watch Improves Your Public Speaking

If you don't think your public speaking is quite up to par, here's an interesting app that's a virtual coach and stage partner to help improve that skill.

Oittm Apple Watch and iPhone Stand Offers Power and Flexibility

If you’re on the lookout for a smart-looking Apple Watch and iPhone stand, this one offers that plus plenty of charging power to spare.

Pinnacle Climb Log: a Rock Climbing App for Apple Watch

If you've been looking for a rock climbing app that works on your Apple Watch even without your iPhone around, this is exactly what you need.

Productivity and Time Tracking on Apple Watch With atWork

Time tracking on Apple Watch is fast and easy with this app. It makes full use of many of your wearable device's features to simplify organizing your time.

Have Peace of Mind on the Go with Companion

When you're traveling, regardless of why, you want peace of mind. This is true close to home and afar, and Companion helps bring you that security.

Track Your Day With Life Cycle for Better Productivity

When you want to become more productive, you need a way to track your day. Life Cycle provides that, even from your wrist on Apple Watch.

Travel and Save the Memories on Apple Watch with journi

Traveling is wonderful, but you need a way to help preserve the memories. For when you want to ditch your iPhone, you can save the memories on Apple Watch.

Find a Roommate on Apple Watch With SpareRoom USA

Find your next roommate on Apple Watch with this slick app, narrowing down your choices based on your own personal tastes and characteristics.

Track Walking With Real-World Examples in Outwalk

To really get interested in walking, sometimes you need real-world examples. With Outwalk, track walking in terms of famous landmarks, routes, and paths.

Look Right Agency and the Apple Watch Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

You're visiting the Ukraine with a hot new virtual travel agency, but then find yourself in a thrilling Apple Watch choose-your-own-adventure.