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The Apple Watch May Be Used to Monitor Parkinson's Patients

According to Fast Company, Apple is reportedly looking into use of the iPhone and Apple Watch in monitoring patients with Parkinson's disease.

TaoMix 2 Offers Soothing Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, and Focus

Customize your perfect relaxation setting by blending together white noise, nature sounds, and more.

TOMS Apple Watch Bands With Charitable Bonus Make Their Debut

TOMS Apple Watch Bands have made their debut and the company is donating a year of solar light for each Apple Watch band sold.

Target's Black Friday Deal: $71.99 Off Apple Watch Series 1

This Black Friday you'll be able to purchase an Apple Watch Series 1 starting at $198.

Simplified IFTTT App Lets You Control Your World With a Tap

IFTTT has eliminated all but one of its apps in order to make your digital life simpler and smoother.

Track Data Usage with DataMan Next on Your Apple Watch

Easily keep track of how much mobile data you're using on your iPhone with this handy new DataMan Next app right on your wrist.

You Can Get a Black Friday Deal on the Apple Watch at Kohl's

Kohl's is going to carry the Apple Watch, and it's already pictured in their "leaked" Black Friday ad.

CMRA Apple Watch Camera Might Be a Fun Bit of Tech

Until Apple makes an official Apple Watch camera, there's CMRA.

Get Instapaper on Your Apple Watch With New Premium Features For Free

With the recent news that Instapaper has made premium features free, I've taken another look at this classic app.

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 Owners Noticing Improved Battery Life in watchOS 3.1

Now that it's been out a few days, many users who own either an Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2, are reporting incredible battery life.

This Fun Graphic Shows Every Apple Watch Band Released by Apple

MacRumors forum regular Choreographics has put together this cool infographic displaying every Apple Watch band that Apple has ever released.

"Apple's MacBook Touch Bar is Actually a Mini Apple Watch"

The Verge interviewed developer Stephen Troughton-Smith who describes the connection between the Apple Watch and the MacBook Touch Bar.

Get a Monowear Apple Watch Band for Just $9.99

If you're looking to expand your Apple Watch band collection, consider a Monowear Apple Watch Band which comes in a variety of styles.

"Apple Watch Sales Are Way Down: Are Smartwatches Still Cool?"

An article on CNN Money is the latest to predict the end of the smartwatch.

Track Expenses on the Apple Watch With Blinq

Keep track of your expenses in the blink of a eye.

Apple Releases watchOS 3.1 With Bug Fixes

WatchOS 3 introduced a variety of new features, including a totally revamped user interface and it looks like watchOS 3.1 is mostly about squashing some bugs along with some minor changes.

Ugreen Charging Dock for Apple Watch Plus Two iOS Devices is MFi Certified

This charging dock with a built-in charger is MFi certified and has the "Made for Apple Watch" logo.

Apple Watch Nike+ Countries Announced, Bands Will Not Be Sold Separately

In a press release sent out a today, Apple has detailed the availability of the running-focused Apple Watch Nike+, which will officially be available this Friday, October 28.

Apple Watch Pop Up Shop in Galeries Lafayette Closing Due to Poor Sales

Originally opened in 2015, the high-end French department store chain, Galeries Lafayette, will be closing down its pop-up store for the Apple Watch effective January 2017 due to poor sales.

Will Apple Watch Nike+ Bands Be Sold Separately?

This hands-on video filmed at an Apple Store includes an Apple Store employee saying that the Apple Watch Nike+ bands will indeed be sold separately.

Track Your Time With Timelines on Your Apple Watch

See exactly how you're using your time with Apple Watch app Timelines.

Artist Creates Cool Steampunk Apple Watch Case Modeled After Ironclad Ships

Artist Jeremy Burnich has created his own unique Apple Watch case, inspired by the old ironclad Civil War steamships.

Future Apple Watch May Include Wrist Gestures and a Camera

Apple's recent patent applications indicate the possibility of adding wrist gestures and a camera to an upcoming model of the Apple Watch.