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CMRA Apple Watch Camera Might Be a Fun Bit of Tech

November 3, 2016

Tired of waiting for the Apple Watch to sport its own camera, enterprising company Glide has created a camera embedded in an Apple Watch band. Unless and until Apple decides to put a camera in the Apple Watch, CMRA – The Camera for Apple Watch is as close to an Apple Watch camera as you can get. It’s available for pre-order now.

Taking a look at their website, I suppose this device is designed about as well as a wristband camera could be. There are two HD cameras, with HD video quality. The one nearest the Apple Watch face is a 2MP selfie camera. A second, 8MP camera, lies about an inch above. There is a shutter button on the band as well.


The battery lasts long enough to take hundreds of photos or 30 minutes of video. Oh yeah – it has its own battery. Which means you’ll need to charge it, more or less daily, in addition to charging your Apple Watch. At least it comes with its own dual charger, so you can charge the Apple Watch and the CMRA band at the same time.


It does say that it integrates with the Apple Watch and iPhone, and will sync with your photo gallery. CMRA also apparently lets you video chat on your Apple Watch, à la Dick Tracy.

How do we feel about this? Do we want a wrist camera? I don’t think that I do. The quality of the iPhone camera has gotten pretty good, and I doubt that a camera inside the band of a watch is going to compare. But I’ll reserve judgement until I see it with my own eyes. I don’t know. I don’t hate it. I don’t need it, but it doesn’t sound completely awful. Take a look at their video below.

You can pre-order CMRA – The Camera for Apple Watch on their website in black, blue, white, or limited-edition gray (offered for pre-orders only) for $149.00 now.