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Abdel Ibrahim

Co-founder of TheTechBlock and TechHunter
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Samsung Unveils Gear S3 Smart Watch With GPS and LTE

Just a week (literally) ahead of Apple's planned September 7th event, Samsung has unveiled its latest and greatest smartwatch, the Gear S3.

Pebble Updates its Watches With Streamlined Interface

Pebble today announced a new major software update for its line of Pebble watches. The update includes a slew of new health features as well as some interface tweaks.

Sony’s New Smartwatch Features An E-ink Display on Both the Watch and the Band

The FES Watch U now features an e-ink display on both the watch face as well as on the band, opening a door to some interesting design possibilities.

Purported Apple Watch 2 Battery Suggests A Substantial Upgrade

Known Apple Leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer, from NowhereElse has posted an image from Weibo showing what could be the Apple Watch 2 battery.

You Can Buy An Apple Watch Sport For As Low As $189 At Best Buy

With the Apple Watch 2 likely right around the corner, Best Buy is offering first-generation hardware at a steep discount for anyone who is interested in picking one up.

Samsung's Gear S2 iOS Beta Program Begins

Starting today, Samsung is launching an all-new beta test program for the Gear iOS app, suggesting that the release of the official app could be sometime in September.

Nike May Have Just Confirmed The Apple Watch 2 GPS Feature

Today, Nike has announced that it's rebranding its Nike+ Running app to Nike+ Run Club, and if you look closely to the changelog, one bullet point stands out quite a bit.

Apple Wanted To Put Cellular Chip in Next-Generation Apple Watch, But Has Hit Roadblocks

Apple had aims of making the next-generation Apple Watch fully iPhone dependant but has hit some roadblocks, according to Bloomberg.

Third Time's The Charm

I continue to hear more and more people talk about how much they love watchOS 3 and how it makes the Apple Watch such a better product.

"What I Learned Working With Jony Ive's Team On The Apple Watch"

Bob Messerschmidt sold his company to Steve Jobs and went to work building the Apple Watch in 2010. He saw a lot during his three years at Apple.

Apple Invents Apple Watch Band with Embedded Haptics

Today, the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) published a new patent from Apple showing the possibility of future Apple Watch bands having the ability to send haptic feedback.

Apple Watch 2 With GPS, Barometer, Larger Battery, and Same Thickness Due This Fall

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note to investors today predicting many of the features he expects to see in the second-generation Apple Watch.

Rumor: Faster, Cheaper First-Gen Apple Watch to Launch Alongside Apple Watch 2 Later This Year

The often reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo today claimed that the first-generation Apple Watch will receive a faster TMSC-processor, superior waterproofing, and a price cut later this year.

Google To Shut Down Its Answer To Apple's Digital Touch

Google plans to shut down its "Together" watch face feature, its answer to Apple's Digital Touch, according to Android Police.

Samsung Used Apple Watch Designs in a Recent Patent Filing

These are not Apple patents. These are patents filed by Samsung.

Rumor: Samsung Gear S3 Will Have Variety of New Sensors, Including GPS

According to a new rumor, the upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch will include a variety of new sensors in hopes of appealing to those who are more active.

Apple Releases watchOS 3 Beta 4 to Developers

Apple has begun rolling out watchOS 3 beta 4 to developers today.

Rumor: Apple Watch 2 to Include Thinner 'One Glass Solution'

The second-generation Apple Watch will feature something called "One Glass Solution" display, according to Digitimes citing information obtained from an Apple supplier.

You Can Now Control Your Nest Thermostat From Your Apple Watch

Starting today Apple Watch wearers will now be able to control their Nest thermostats right from their wrist.

LIFT is an Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger

LIFT uses a proprietary induction system that's inspired by Tesla's original idea of transferring electricity through the air.

Second-Generation Apple Watch Expected To Ship This Fall

Apple is planning to unveil its second-generation Apple Watch sometimes this Fall, according to a new report from Digitimes.

The Diskus is an Apple Watch Charger that's Actually Approved by Apple

The Diskus is a Kickstarter project that hopes to bring its Apple Watch charger to market, with the approval of Apple.