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Nike May Have Just Confirmed The Apple Watch 2 GPS Feature

Nike May Have Just Confirmed The Apple Watch 2 GPS Feature

August 23, 2016

Today, Nike has announced that it’s rebranding its Nike+ Running app to Nike+ Run Club, and if you look closely to the changelog, one bullet point stands out quite a bit.

In fact, it appears that the app ha been pulled from the App Store, which to me suggests that Nike mistakingly has confirmed that the second-generation Apple Watch will indeed include GPS.

Take a look below:

Welcome to Nike+ Run Club

The Nike+ Running app is now the Nike+ Run Club app with a fresh, new & improved look.

Coaching plans now adapt to your schedule and progress.
More fun and personal post-run sharing than ever.
Compare and compete with your friends by hash-tagging runs.
Leave your phone at home and run free with Apple Watch.

Call me crazy, but that seems like a pretty clear indication that GPS will indeed be included, something that isn’t all that surprising if I’m being honest. Especially with multiple reports claiming it will be a highlight feature of this year’s Watch.

The good news is that we’re likely just two weeks away from finding out if that’s true. Woot!