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Third Time's The Charm

Third Time's The Charm

August 16, 2016

David Chartier on watchOS 3:

…The real star, for me, is the huge performance and speed increases for third-party apps, including the new quick-switching Dock that takes the place of the previous friends wheel. As far as I know, developers cannot yet publicly release updates for watchOS 3 (whereas a number of iPhone and iPad apps have already updated in the App Store), but even current apps start up and simply run better. In a word, they’re usable now.

I continue to hear more and more people talk about how much they love watchOS 3 and how it makes the Apple Watch such a better product. While we could complain about the fact that it took Apple this long, I think this is something we ought to get used to. This new Apple, to me, is an Apple that needs a little more time to get things right. Steve Jobs was a one-of-a-kind editor.

Chartier continues:

I feel like watchOS 3 will allow the Apple Watch to reach the original potential for which we were all excited. I’m sure the next hardware iteration will offer faster performance and longer battery life (having enough juice for sleep monitoring is interesting to me), but existing owners are in for a treat when watchOS 3 arrives, and that is exciting all by itself.

Yep. I’m super curious to see what the next Apple Watch will bring. Rumors are all over the place and we’re likely just a few weeks from seeing it. I’m actually amazed we haven’t seen any leaks yet.