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Apple Watch Series 2 Thicker and Heavier Than Predecessor

Apple Watch Series 2 Thicker and Heavier Than Predecessor

September 8, 2016

While many prognosticators hoped for a thinner Apple Watch, it’s not happening this year. Early rumors indicated that the second generation Apple Watch would have a thinner glass face, which might mean a thinner overall watch. Later rumors suggested a larger battery, which might make the Apple Watch thicker. Putting the rumors together, it seemed like it would just be a wash, with the first and second generation Apple Watches being exactly the same size. That isn’t how it turned out.

As you can see from the Apple Watch Sport Series 1 vs Series 2 Tech Specs, which I found within the Apple Store app, the Apple Watch Sport Series 2 is actually slightly thicker and heavier than the Series 1. The 38mm Apple Watch Sport has gotten .9mm thicker and 3.2 grams heavier. The 42mm Apple Watch Sport also got .9mm thicker, but got 4.2 grams heavier. That may not sound like much, but in both models it’s nearly 10% thicker and more than 10% heavier. Other dimensions, such as height and width remain the same. If you go back to the original Apple Watch Sport dimensions, they are virtually the same as Series 1 except for a slight difference in width on the 42mm model.

Tech Specs for the Apple Watch Sport Series 1 and 2

I also compared the tech specs for the stainless steel Apple Watch; using the tech specs for the original Apple Watch on Apple’s website and the Apple Watch Series 2 from the Apple Store app below. Similarly, the 38mm Apple Watch got .9mm thicker and 1.9 grams heavier. Oddly enough, the 42mm Apple Watch actually grew in every dimension, adding .5mm in height, .5mm in width, .9mm in thickness, and 2.4 grams in weight.

apple watch series 2 tech specs

Apple Watch Series 2 Tech Specs

I wouldn’t think a difference in measurements like this would affect your buying decision, especially since that little bit of extra bulk is easily outweighed by some great features. But it’s definitely not the lighter, thinner Apple Watch Sport that some had hoped for. At least the band connectors remain the same, so our Apple Watch band collections are safe for now.