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eMoped pty. ltd.
eMoped is an application that will allow you to book, drive and reach your destination in an easy, fast and fun way. Your daily routine can be done with just one click, go to work, meet your friends, run some errands or just reexplore the city with another vision. Avoid the waiting time of public transport or taxi, move freely in rush hours and arrive at your destination in the fastest way, you will never be late for an appointment again. Make a contribution to the planet, driving noiseless and without emissions, that's how we like it, eco-friendly! How does it work: 1- Register quickly and easily through our app. 2- Use the map to find the closest mopeds to your position and book it with just one tap, you will have 15 minutes to reach it. 3- Once close enough, unlock it, open the top case and put on the helmet, you will find two, in case you want to be accompanied! 4- Once ready, turn on the vehicle with the mobile, you can see the closest motorcycle parking lots to your destination. 5- Arrived at your destination choose: - Pause inside or outside the delimited area, following the law, for only 0.15$/min, the motorcycle will continue under your responsibility, remember to finish the trip within the allowed area. - Park and finish the trip in a motorcycle parking lot within the defined area, following the law. 6- Remember always to return the helmet in the top case. 7- A summary of your trip will be shown on your screen, but the payment will be made every 15 days or upon reaching the amount of 50 aud. Do you have any question? Visit: