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Water Reminder is a Simpler Hydration App

Water Reminder is a Simpler Hydration App

April 6, 2017

Water Reminder isn’t necessarily the most feature-rich hydration reminder app, but it is easy to use and it gets the job done. Frankly, WaterMinder is a better app, with all of the features you could want in an app to remind you to drink enough water. However, WaterMinder is no longer free like it was when I wrote about it earlier this year.

So let’s get back to Water Reminder, which is free for a limited time. You’ll set up your preferences in the iPhone app. Set your unit of measure, connect the app to your Health app, set up notifications, set your daily goal, and choose your two favorite beverage sizes. The default “small gulp” is 8 ounces, while the default “big gulp” is 16 ounces.

Now let’s go to the Apple Watch. There are two possible complications you can use for Water Reminder. The small circular reminder is a drop of water with a circle around it that fills as you get closer to your goal. The one-line complication shows a drop of water along with the percentage towards your goal written out.

Once you open the app, all you see is a large water droplet and the percentage you’ve achieved towards your goal. Force press to add a beverage, you will have only the option to choose between the small gulp and big gulp sizes you’ve set. When you get notification reminders to drink, again, you’ll have the option to add a small gulp or a big gulp portion of water.

Water Reminder

If you’ve never used a hydration reminder app but would like to dip your toe in the water, so to speak, I’d recommend you grab Water Reminder while it’s temporarily free on the App Store. This no-fuss app may be all you need to nudge you to drink more water. If you find yourself wanting more features, then spring (sorry, I can’t stop with the water puns!) for the more feature-rich WaterMinder.