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Duffy Is a Simple Pedometer App With a Good Complication

Duffy Is a Simple Pedometer App With a Good Complication

March 2, 2017

The only way to access your step count without a third party app is to open your Activity app and scroll down. However, many of us want a quicker way to see how many steps we’ve taken so far today. Duffy is a new app on the App Store that counts your steps accurately and displays them on your Apple Watch Face. It’s dead simple, and it works. We’ve tested out Pedometer++, HealthFace, and HealthView. I personally have used and like them all; which one I use at the moment depends on whether or not I want to take advance of the added features the other apps offer.

Duffy is a solid pedometer app, nothing more or less. It uses information from your Apple Watch and syncs with the native Health app. As any good Apple Watch pedometer app should, Duffy has a clear complication that you can use in any spot on any face.


When you open the app, you’re taken to a screen that shows you today’s step count and a refresh button. Due to Apple’s own limitations, like all pedometer apps, Duffy can’t update instantaneously. There is a slight delay between when you take a step and when it shows up on the Apple Watch. If you want your up-to-the-second step count, tap Refresh. Swipe to a second screen, that will show you your step count daily totals for each day of the past week.

That is the entirety of the app. It’s the same on the iPhone; there are no additional features there. If you want more features, be sure to check out the apps I linked above. If you already have a pedometer app you’re happy with, you’re not going to find anything new with Duffy. But if you’re in the market for a simple, accurate pedometer with a good complication for any spot on any watch face, download Duffy. It’s free on the App Store.