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"Why I Hate The Apple Watch"

"Why I Hate The Apple Watch"

May 26, 2015

Today’s clickbait is brought to you by Tom Rich, who just posted a video on why he hates the Apple Watch. Let’s go through some of his complaints:

“The UI is really awful”

Rich says that selecting apps is really difficult and that the interface looks like it was “built for children.” While I agree that the app icons are super tiny, I don’t agree that the UI is awful. As I’ve suggested before, with Apple Watch, apps are not apps. If you really think people are going to use the Watch to open and close apps like they do on a phone, you really don’t understand this product. And if you really think the app experience isn’t going to improve dramatically over the next few months, you really don’t understand Apple.

“It’s Slow”

Rich complains about the Apple Watch’s reliance on the iPhone to perform many tasks and says that in many cases it’s quicker for him to take out his phone instead of waiting on the Watch. Again, I think he’s misunderstanding this product and failing to take proper advantage of (or put proper stock in) its core features — features like quickly glancing at information or simply getting (and ignoring) a silent notification. Instead, he piggybacks off his first failed point of “using” apps. He’s clearly looking at the Watch as a phone for your wrist. If that’s your frame of reference for any smartwatch, you’re already going down the wrong path.

“It tells me to exercise”

He acknowledges that you can turn those features off, so I’m not sure why that’s a reason to “hate” the Apple Watch, but OK. Some folks have a real problem with added value, I guess.

“I feel like it’s trying to be a replacement for your iPhone”

Rich confirms at the end that he basically sees the Watch as an iPhone on your wrist, which to me demonstrates his lack of fundamental understanding. I personally haven’t encountered anyone who would call the Watch a replacement for their iPhone. What it is, and what it will likely be for the next few years, is a good companion capable of doing things that your phone simply can’t do quite as well or as quickly (because, for one, your phone’s probably not strapped to your wrist). Like a remote for your car, it’s not necessary, but it’s nice to have. You know, kind of like a watch.

Seriously, no mention of the Bands, Taptic Engine, notifications, Complications or even Glances. What’s with these YouTubers?