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Facer Lets You Create Apple Watch Faces and Make Money

Facer Lets You Create Apple Watch Faces and Make Money

March 27, 2017

I previously reviewed Facer, an Apple Watch app that provide fresh content for your Apple Watch Face every time you turn your wrist. You set your watch face to Photo Album and sync it to Facer. The app provides you with channels that you can download, and each channel has a number of photos. You can also hook the app up to your social media, so you can get a constant stream of new content.

Facer’s Kris McDonald shares:

We’re proud to announce that Facer has surpassed one-million smartwatch users! It’s today’s most downloaded smartwatch app across Android Wear, Tizen & Apple Watch and growing every day! As a result, we’re seeing “digital watch face designer” grow from a part-time hobby into a prosperous career choice! Most of Facer’s 5,000 designers create watch faces just for fun but others are starting to earn some serious revenue by selling their designs on the platform:

  • “Selling watch faces on Facer easily pays my rent each month!” — G7
  • “Facer is a great creative outlet & pays better than freelance jobs” — Timeless
  • “Thanks to Facer, I can pay for my University studies!” — GRR

Many Facer designers are starting to create their own watch brands and a fan-following on the platform. Some of these newly formed brands have already been worn by smartwatch users over 500,000 times in under a year, easily rivaling the exposure of some traditional watch brands today.

Frankly, I think the vast majority of designers making real money at this are designing for Android watches, less so for the Apple Watch. As we all know, third parties are limited to providing photos for the Photo Album watch face on the Apple Watch. No one but Apple can create an actual brand new face for the Apple Watch. Still, if you want to get your photographic or artistic content out there and perhaps make some money while you’re at it, you might find it’s worth a shot. You can get information about Facer’s Creator Tool, the online application, and more on their website.