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Best Buy's $50 Apple Watch

Best Buy's $50 Apple Watch

December 16, 2015

You already know you can score an Apple Watch this holiday season for $100 off MSRP, but Best Buy — one of the leading retailers to advertise this offer — has an even better one for a select group of purchasers.

Provided you meet a specific set of criteria, you can walk away from your local brick-and-mortar big box with a small box of Apple Watch goodness for only $50!

But there’s a catch.

Well, two catches, actually.

No, wait. There are three catches.

Here they are:

  1. You must use a $200 Best Buy gift card
    For the offer to be valid, the transaction must be made using a $200 Best Buy gift card. Presumably, you can use a card earned from another purchase promotion, or you can simply buy a $200 gift card, use a quarter of the balance for your new 38mm Apple Watch (it isn’t clear if a 42mm version can be had for $100 via this deal), and have $150 (minus taxes) to spend on other stuff at Best Buy or its online store.
  2. You must trade in an iPhone 5 or newer
    In addition to the above, you’ve also got to trade in your old — but not too old — iPhone. (It should probably still work if you want this deal to.)
  3. You must purchase a new iPhone and activate a two-year plan
    Going hand in hand with caveat number two, you’ll have to upgrade that iPhone you traded in with a two-year plan from Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T. However, as part of the deal, you’ll get a bonus $100 off that new iPhone, too.

While that all seems like a complex web of good-for-nothing, it’s really not a bad deal, and I suspect a fair amount of people will not only qualify, but happily so. Here’s the scenario: Your old service contract has expired, you have an old iPhone 5/5c/5s, and you want to upgrade that little thing to a nice big 16GB iPhone 6s. That’s $200 on contract. So you buy a $200 Best Buy gift card, bring in your old handset, re-up with your carrier of choice for two years, and pick up an Apple Watch for $50 (be sure to use the gift card for that part, if not for the whole shebang). Then you get $100 off the iPhone 6s, and you walk out of the store with a new iPhone and Apple Watch having spent a grand total of $150 (plus tax).

If your situation fits the bill, this really might be a can’t-miss deal.

Just dont wait too long: The offer expires on December 26.

[Note: There is a small chance I’m misunderstanding the nature of all this, as fine print tends to foster that sort of thing. Because of this, it’s advised that you contact your local Best Buy(s) and ask them for the official skinny.]