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Rumor: Apple Working on Smart Bands for Apple Watch, Will Launch Early 2016

Rumor: Apple Working on Smart Bands for Apple Watch, Will Launch Early 2016

August 21, 2015

Czech website Letem Svetem Applem is claiming that Apple plans to announce new smart bands that will connect to the hidden diagnostic port on the Apple Watch sometimes in early 2016. According to the report, these bands will add blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature sensors right to the band itself allowing for even deeper health tracking for those who wants it.

The report also says that the reason for putting them in the bands is that in order achieve accurate readings, these types of sensors need to be on the band, reading from the bottom of the wrist, rather from on top of the wrist where the Watch sits. The bands apparently will come in a variety of style and configurations.

Rumors of a smart band have surfaced since early 2015 as many suggested that the diagnostic port could be used make the Apple Watch even smarter. ReserveStrap for example is using the diagnostic port to extent the battery life of the Apple Watch to over 40 hours.

It certainly makes sense that at some point Apple will introduce smart bands for the Apple Watch. Whether we see them in 2016 and whether or not they work with the first generation Apple Watch is still an unknown. Still, this is interesting and could pave the way into an new era of deeper health tracking.