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Zulu Time Widget

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Zulu Time Widget

Easy and convenient Zulu Time App for iPhone and Apple Watch. Get the current Zulu/GMT/UTC Time, UTC Date and offset anytime, in any time zone. Super quick and convenient tool for pilots, military personnel, sailors, etc.

Includes iPhone app, Home Screen Widgets and Apple Watch app with complications showing the Zulu hour right on the watch face.

Watch app includes a robust Mission/Event Timer for synchronizing with Zulu Time Events such as rocket launches, flight plans, ICAO border crossings, military maneuvers and missions, etc.

iPhone and Watch apps now also show seconds and the current GMT date. TAF style UTC date format is available as an option.

Includes an easy-to-use converter tool to convert any time between Zulu time and your current local timezone in either direction.

When on the phone with Flight Service on a trip through Canada, just swipe right to bring up the Today screen and find the current Zulu Time. If you have an Apple Watch, it's even easier! Just glance at your watch with the included complications.

Leaving in 3.5 hours? Just slide the time slider on either the iPhone or Apple Watch Planner view forward to get the Zulu time for 3.5 hours from now. No need to do math in your head!

Zulu Time automatically adjusts for daylight savings and your local time zone.

Enable the Today extension by going to your Today screen (swipe right from home screen), then choosing "Edit" and then adding Zulu Time.
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