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Zones is the simplest way to convert time zones between cities around the world.

If you have friends or family in another city, conduct business overseas, or travel a lot, Zones makes it incredibly easy to quickly check the current time, or convert using a specific time and date.

Make sure you won't wake your parents up when you call, or check the time for your important conference call in a few days. Within the app you can add as many favourite cities as you like from a huge database that includes cities all over the world.

At any time you are able to select one of your cities, and set the time for that location, allowing you to see the relative time in all your other cities. When you're done, it's easy to reset to the current time.

Your Cities
See all your chosen cities and their current time from the iPhone app right on your Watch.
Time Selection
Modify the current date in a chosen city by hours, minutes and days.
Time Conversion
See your chosen time reflected in all your favourite cities. When you're done, reset to the current time through Force Touch.
Tom Izaks