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Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombie Apocalypse

From deep inside, we all know Zombie Apocalypse would come. Then it happened!!! On Z day (today), only you are brave enough to lead and hire your friends to build barriers, survive while defense the next long 365 days.

They are coming, aim then shoot, on your phone, tablet or Watch!!!

Play on Watch note:
- As you receive bonus gold for watching ads on phone, the amount will also be add to your watch gameplay.
- Use the digital crown to change shooting direction.
- Keep scrolling once in awhile to prevent watch screen from turning off during play time.

The initial amount given is enough for you to hire a fellow and play around with the gun shop :) Have fun

- Sound effect:
+ by Bart
+ by Michel Baradari
- Font: by Yuji Oshimoto
- Music:
"High Stakes,Low Chances" written and produced by Ove Melaa

A product from Cakeogame with love,
P/S: Dead will come...
Than Toan