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Zoho Creator

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Zoho Creator

This mobile app lets you access and interact with the applications that you have built on Zoho Creator or with Creator apps that have been shared with you. Equipped with a huge range of custom touch-controlled gestures and actions, engaging with your Zoho Creator apps has never been more intuitive or more personalized! Just not that, you can access your important reports even while you are offline and export them in any format you need.

About Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a renowned low-code/no-code app builder that abstracts 90% of the complexities in the app development lifecycle, enabling users to create the apps with less effort and time. It combines the robust power of Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation to help businesses build solutions and innovate more easily than ever. So far, over 13,000 businesses have built 6 million apps on Creator to cater to more than 7 million end users.

Key Features:
Equipped with intuitive, visual builders and ready-made code blocks, Creator lets you build an application for almost any situation—be it a task manager, a CRM, or an ERP without prior coding knowledge. Its proprietary, easy-to-grasp programming language, DELUGE, allows for advanced workflows and limitless customization.

Other exciting features include:
• Data management (one-click data imports from popular databases, export data in multiple format, AI-assisted data fields, quick data operations, pre-built data charts, access reports offline, and more)
• App planning and design (schema builder, custom layouts, reusable Java, nodeJS code snippets, and more)
• Rapid application development ( low-code development, oversee your app through various phases―development, staging, and production, AI/ML-led assistant, native mobile app development)
• App deployment (managed cloud, on-premise, sandboxing, single click deployment to production environment, and more)
• Administration (user authentication and domain-based restriction, access logs, audit trails, enterprise governance capabilities and more)
• Experience first (self-service stakeholder portals, PWA, native feature support like geo-tagging, signature capture, bar code and QR code scanner, custom branding and design options, and more)
• Collaboration (approval centers, notifications, schedulers, real-time collaborative development, smooth handovers with application testing teams, and more)
• Integrations (out-of-the-box integrations with 600+ apps and services , low-code enabled custom API creation, and more)
• Security (geographically-distributed, fully-encrypted, fully-owned data centers, real-time cloud-based backups, low maintenance, 99.9% uptime, and more)

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