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Zmanim for YU

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Zmanim for YU

Zmanim for YU provides you with a YU Zmanim experience native to iOS. Whether you're a student or a visitor at the Yeshiva University WILF campus, Zmanim for YU will help you locate the minyan that suits you best in an efficient, simple and user-friendly way.

Ok, so you just finished lunch and you want to catch mincha before your class starts. With Zmanim for YU all you need to do is select the "Mincha" option and the locations with the next minyan will be highlighted automatically for you. You're also a freshman so you're probably going to need more help than that since you're not sure where the "Morg Beis" is, the location with the next mincha. All you need to do is tap the "Navigate" button and, based on already installed apps, you will be prompted to choose a navigation service. Still not sure if you're at the right place? An image of the location is provided so you can be extra sure. That's all!

With Zmanim for YU, you'll always feel elegantly in the know of local minyanim on campus.
Natanel Niazoff