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Zleeper is a sleep tracker for apple watch. Simply toggle the sleep mode when you get in to bed to monitor your sleep pattern. You can set a Zmart Alarm (smart alarm) to attempt to wake you up during your light sleep. The Zmart alarm has a time buffer which will start monitoring for light sleep 15 to 30 minutes before the time that the alarm has been set for.

The companion iPhone app will analyze your sleep pattern and display the corresponding information, such as; time in bed, sound sleep, light sleep, and sleep efficiency. While you sleep the iPhone app will display a clock view and sound a back up alarm if needed.

*Requires that Apple Watch Wake Screen be set to Resume Last Activity for Zmart Alarm to ring.
*Requires that you leave the iPhone App running in the foreground for back up alarm to ring.
* Requires Apple watch 2.0 +