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Zing & Zack Episode 1

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Zing & Zack Episode 1

Mike Zingkowski and Zack Tyler,
That Wild and Wacky Twosome.
One is Red State through and through,
The other is Blue state, true blue.
Zack is annoying but Zing is too,.
First and foremost they are pals,
And when they work together it ends up purple somehow.

Hilarious antics abound when neighbors with opposing views try to get along. Zing espouses his personal views at every opportunity. Zing is a shop teacher with definite opinions and plenty of tools to go with them. Zack has his own lawn care business and tries ever so hard to understand “That Dude.” Zack has his own annoying way like borrowing Zing’s tools and never returning them. Times are tough but they’ll get through even if they have different ideas of what to do. Sounds like a sitcom, but all our budget could afford is this digital comic strip.

Also included is the original musical sound track, Proletarian March.
Inspired by the toil and travail of the common man; the working men and women who united together rise up as one and demand in a climatic crescendo for …“Casual Dress Fridays.”
Keith Graden Greene