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Zero to 5K

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Zero to 5K

Zero to 5k is a running program designed for beginners. The plan consists of 3 activities per week, for a total of 9 weeks, where you will be alternating between running and walking. As you progress through the program, the amount of running will increase, while the amount of walking will reduce. At the end of the program, you will be able to run an entire 5km!

The app will guide you through each stage, letting you know when and for how long to run or walk.

While using the app in the background (i.e. your phone is closed while running outside), you will receive notifications with sound telling you how long to run or walk.

If the stage you are at is too difficult, there is no problem with going back a few stages.

Heart rate training is an alternative running program in Zero to 5k app that allows you to run within an optimal heart rate. Use your heart rate readings (bpm) during a workout to run within an optimal effort range. Receive notifications on your device when you reach your min and max heart rate to start running or walking.

Calculating your effort range is made easy in Zero to 5K. Your age is a good estimator to calculate your optimal effort level.
Your max heart rate = 220 - your age
Optimal effort range is 75% - 90% of max heart rate.

You can also manual adjust the min and max desired heart rate.
Sebastien Gamache