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Zentoy Play

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Zentoy Play

Zentoy Play will enable you to fully control the advanced features of your Zentoy™ through your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet. Intimate pleasure at your finger-tips.
With the Zentoy Play free app you can create and keep personalized experiences. Supercharge your Zentoy! 

Features Include:
·       Real-time Control of all vibration parameters of your Zentoy
·       Select operation modes
·       Record/Manage/Playback vibration sessions (Zenvibes)
·       Upload Zenvibes to your Zentoy internal memory
·       Battery level indication
·       Control your Zentoy via your Apple Watch (coming soon)
·       Multi-lingual support (English, French, German, Greek, Spanish)

Allow us to introduce Zentoy. Designed and engineered to give you what you deserve: uncompromised personal pleasure. Generation-Zen pleasure, for your Body, Mind and Soul.

Combining Technology with Sex and Orgasm. Single or Couples use.

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