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by Zenly
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by Zenly
Millions of awesome people are using Zenly to keep up with their friends in real time. Where are your friends? What are they doing? We don’t actually know. But your Zenly app does.

A few things you can do with Zenly:

* Round up your pals and party like rock stars
* Find actual rock stars in real time if you have friends who are rock stars
* Meet your friends for tacos if that’s your thing
* Know when friends are getting together without you (hint: follow the flame )
* Make plans with your 15 best friends all at once
* Distract people by sending them heaps of hamburger emojis
* Know who your real friends are
* See the cool places and events your friends go to when your map comes to life
* Ask your boyfriend to pick up a pair of socks for you on his way home
* Hide yourself and take some me time
* Find your friends on the ski slopes now that winter has come
* Save time by knowing when to get moving with updated ETAs
* Know when your friends’ phones are running out of battery

We’ve also spent three years developing a very special algorithm that allows for continuous location sharing while not draining your battery. Pretty sweet, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Go download Zenly and never send the dreadful where are you? and what are you doing? texts again