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Zen Workouts

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Zen Workouts

Zen Workouts - Workout Tracker and Training Log for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Fitness and Strength Routines

Try Zen Workouts for 30 workouts before making the "Unlock Zen Workouts" In App Purchase to record as many workouts as you want.

Zen Workouts is one of the simplest and easiest to use fitness apps for tracking your weightlifting workouts. Stay focused on making progress and effortlessly recording your workouts without distracting features, text, or images.

Zen Workouts is a powerful tool that provides the essential functions needed to record your workouts. Optional add-ons are available to enhance your experience.

Logging is as simple as entering your weight and reps and swiping to the next exercise. Navigating the app is fast and intuitive with no bloat to get in your way.

- Simple & Intuitive swiping to navigate the workout logging interface.
- One Rep Max Calculator.
- Plate calculator (Tells you what plates to put on the bar based on the entered weight. No more bar math!)
- Graphs for your 1RM, Reps, and Total Weight
- Add your own routines and choose easily between them.
- Add exercises before or on the fly during a workout.
- Calendar View (See at a glance how consistently you have been working out)
- Easily save routines for later by suspending them to reduce clutter.
- Add your own exercises to the database.
- Quick search through exercise database when adding exercises to routines.
- Imperial (lb) & Metric (kg) weight support.
- Optional autofill of every set based on the last workout.
- Add notes to your workout.
- Modify a previously recorded workout.
- No useless pictures and videos - There is a quick online lookup button.
- Built in Auto Countdown Timer to help time rest breaks.
- Support for Apple HealthKit - so all of your workouts are saved in the Apple Health App.
- Database Export and Import.
- Apple Watch Companion App (Version 1)

Upcoming improvements and new features include:

- Optimized Cardio Support
- Improved History Filtering
- Advanced Statistics
- iCloud Sync/backup
- Workout Sharing Features

Leave feedback in the app about which features you would like to see come first!
Zackery Leman