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by Zello
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Walkie Talkie
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by Zello
Want to transform your Apple Watch into a Dick Tracy Wrist Communicator? Then install Zello PTT Walkie Talkie on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod! Use Zello with the Apple Watch to instantly talk to selected contacts or channels (groups) while out and about. Faster than calling or texting, conversations are real-time, but are also saved to History. You can even pair Zello with a Bluetooth headset or earpiece!
Select a channel to listen and talk with in real-time. Channels support groups of up to 1200 online users.
Select a contact to talk to in real-time.
Online Status
Change your status setting to Available for real-time transmissions, Solo to speak to 1 contact (all others go to History), Busy to send all messages directly to History, or Offline to prevent messages from being received.
Show and replay recent messages received from contacts and channels.
Replay and Disconnect Channel
Replay last message or disconnect from a channel.
Talk and Alert Contact
Push and hold the round orange button until solid red to transmit. Button turns green when receiving. Use Alerts to send a contact a text message along with a loud persistent beep until the person answers.

Zello Inc was founded in 2012 by Bill Moore (CEO) and Alexey Gavrilov (CTO). We are located in beautiful Austin, TX. Zello is the most popular free push-to-talk app in the world, with 77+ million users world-wide. Zello@Work is our paid subscription service for businesses and organizations. Zello works on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and even 2-way radios. For more info, see and