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Zef is a riding app tracker, especially developed for nautical sports.

* Races
Zef is designed to organise race championship, by your club or just for training, try our race system, you will love it !

We make something unique, as you are a wind rider and want to know how height you jump, just take your apple watch or your iPhone, Zef do the rest.
Our algorithm is coming from drone technology.

This Application supports :
* Sailing
* KiteSurfing
* WindSurfing
* SnowKiting
* Landkiting
* Paddling
* WindFoiling
* KiteFoiling
* SupFoiling
* WingFoiling
* Cross county skiing
* Skating
* Kayaking
* Surfing
* Bike
* Electric Bike
* Wakeboard
* All other sports combined with tags

Import directly from all watch a gpx file in Zef

The app specifically integrates with the Health app.
You can record your sessions with your iPhone or your watch, make sure you select your right sport first, if not you can change it afterwards in the session details.

If you are on the road looking for a good spot, or if you don't wan't to go riding alone, the Wall view shows the riders, sessions and spots around you location.

All views except friends are filtered by selected sport.

If you follow people, they will directly be added up on your friend list.
You can switch from your sessions view to your friends sessions view with the selector on the status bar.
A new session is recorded with the "+" icon on the status bar right.
The app automatically estimates the wind direction, but it can be set up manually by taping on the yellow button.
Once a race is loaded, the recorder presents arcs on your iPhone or watch.
The green arc shows the direction to the next target.
The yellow arc represents your angle by wind direction.

The Friends view lists your friends and allows you to follow more friends by their usernames.
When one of your friends is riding you will get a notification and a button live appears that shows their sessions on live on a map.

The Spot view lists the spots around you, if someone is riding the icon turns red and indicates the instantaneous number of riders on that spot.
Spot details can be seen according to persons, rankings, statistics.
If you follow a spot, it is added to the bookmark list at the status bar top right and you get a notification when someone navigates.
If you don't find your spot, just go riding and don't forget to start the session on the iPhone or on the watch.
IMPORTANT : sessions have to be recorded from the ground on in order to be validated.

The race view is used to create a session or to load a race. Just tap on the watch icon and the race will be loaded both on the iPhone and on the watch.
Races can be either private or public; private races are for personal uses as it shows personal rankings.
Public races can be seen by everyone and rank the best users, from the fastest to the slowest one.
Create a race is easy, start by placing the starting line with a long tap on the map. After that place 1 to 5 buoys.
Then finish planning your race by drowing the finish line.

The profile view presents personal statistics by year, sports and sessions.

The Session view details a session with different parameters :
* Distance
* Duration
* Instant max speed
* Average speed
* Max speed on 10s
* Max speed on 500m
* Max speed on 1km
* Health informations
* Speed polar

The app analyses the segments between maneuvers and calculates stats.
The healths informations (heartbeats, spent calories) integrate with the Health app.
Session can be replayed by pressing play on status bar right.
More options are available by pressing the 3 dots in session details panel.

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