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Zeal Alert

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Zeal Alert

-iOS 8 Supported.
-Zeal Alerts is not just an app, but a ‘helpful companion’.
-Zeal Alerts is simply a reminder, but with amazing configurable settings that will remind you of the things that need to be done on the basis of your current location with specific time. Usually, there are chores to which you are unable to specify a definite time, however, you would like to be fired a reminder when you are in a certain locality.
-Zeal Alerts will get your things done, on the go!!
This app has a very user-friendly interface. To add reminders, you can long tap on maps, search location by feeding particular address in the search box and finally set the location.
-You will be able to set the radius of 1 to 10 Km of the particular location and the tasks to be performed; then the reminder will fire when in a vicinity.
-Your location will be constantly monitored by this app. So there is no chance to miss your location specific task, as it will give you alerts irrespective of time.
-You will be able to view every task on the map itself, along with your current location. This will help you discover how far you are from your each task. To see more details, you are just a click away.
-If you fail to perform any particular task on time, then this app will send notification to the person you have selected in the task, by SMS or Email.

Two types of alerts: -
Location Alerts - your current location and also your to-do-list location will be tracked down by this app and will buzz you.
Time Alerts - this alert will ping you to perform your tasks before 10 minutes of the deadline time of that particular task and that too priority wise (high = 3 time alerts, medium = 2 and low = 1).
When can you use this app? Here are few examples...
Forget to send text to your parents when you reach your destination safely, set up a reminder.
Allow the reminder to not miss your station. 
When you reach near your friend’s place, set up a reminder to meet them. 
This app won’t let you forget any stuff, when you go shopping.
When crossing a chemist, want a reminder to get the medicines.
Set reminder location by Long Tapping on the map
Set radius for every task reminder
Can send SMS or Email when you are failing to perform certain tasks at the definite time.
Location Alerts carries remind later option 
Time Alerts will remind you about your task before 10 minutes, which is based on the priority like low, medium and high.
So what are you waiting for???

Install it now and experience the difference.

Disclaimer - "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
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