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Zaap TV brings you the most complete information of television programs in Spain:

◆ Access directly to what is currently broadcasted
◆ Have the program guide for all channels from the most seen as TVE1, La2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Tele5, La Sexta, ... to the most specialized channels and regional channels
◆ The most comprehensive and updated schedule information for all channels
◆ Customize your channel list and the order in which they appear
◆ Set alarms to not miss your favorite programs
◆ Review and rate programs directly on facebook and twitter
◆ Mark your favorite programs
◆ Discover what most people see and what they like best
◆ From channel list you can also access to streaming TV (we open the link of the channel in your browser. Some channel may not have the streaming at all moment avialable)

More information: @zapptv_app

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