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Z Split

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Z Split

A simple to use split timer with lots of flexibility and powerful customization. Z Split allows you to keep track of your time on various activities, whether it be an outdoor run, car road trip, or a video game speed run.

Statistics on your previous records will help you improve on future runs. If your activity is location based, Z Split can automatically split when you hit set location check points.

Z Split is easy to use and can be used for whatever activity you're time keeping on.

- Easily create routes, customize with images, and reorder splits with ease.
- Automatically Split based on customizable GeoFences.
- View records of past runs and compare various statistics.
- Set it and forget it. Z Split will remember state and track your runs when the app is closed, without wasting your battery life.
- Keep track of run status and preform actions right from your wrist with Apple Watch.
- Use 3D Touch shortcuts to easily update a run from the home screen, and use Peek and Pop to quickly browse your history.
- Be more productive with split screen and keyboard support on iPad.

There are many more updates planned for Z Split, and all updates will be provided for free!
Zeke Snider