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by YUR Inc
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by YUR Inc
How about turning fitness into a game?

YUR allows you to monitor virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) movement data to determine fitness metrics, across any game or app without heart rate monitor hardware!

Engage your friends in challenges and level up as you move both in VR and in front of your camera!

Note: VR compatible software can be downloaded at our website,


Track your progress!
This companion app will allow you to view and use your YUR profile with ease, track your progression, and also share your results with your friends.

Movement monitoring and validation!
Those who have an iPhone XR or newer will be able to do exercises, like jumping jacks or squats, inside the YUR app with our newest movement monitoring and validation technology. To make things more easy and secure for you, we built this brand new tool to help you stay healthier or achieve fitness goals anywhere, anytime while contributing to your leveling in YUR. It includes a Healthkit integration to sync workouts done in AR or VR to Apple Health. For your privacy, we never send camera data to servers it all remains on your device.

If you have any questions regarding our app, join our Discord community in or shoot a message to [email protected] Alternatively, visit to learn more about how to download and install the VR fitness tracker. All privacy-related questions or comments can be directed to [email protected]


The YUR team