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You Walk is an application that collects data coprocessor movement of your iPhone or iPod to account for physical activity in your day. Get motivated with goals You Walk and levels and colors to lead a healthier life by controlling your weekly statistics.
Enjoy intuitive interface to see your progress without complications.
You Walk You do not consume extra battery as other applications that make use of GPS, can use it without having to worry about your battery.


- Register your steps automatically using Apple Motion coprocessor
- Integration with Health data to show your collection to detail
- Do not spend extra battery
- Calculate an estimate of calories burned
- Shows the distance you have walked
- Shows you the story up and down (exclusive iPhone 6 or higher)
- Available Widget the day to see your steps with your notifications
- Compatible 3D Touch
- Customization photographs
- Simple and effective interface
- Share your progress with friends

*** NOTE: You Walk requires a device with Apple M7 coprocessor or higher. Supported devices:
- Iphone 5s
- IPod Touch 6G
- Iphone 6
- IPhone 6 Plus
- IPhone 6s
- IPhone 6s Plus
Alejandro Perea Navarrete