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Yosanity Morning

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Yosanity Morning

Yosanity Morning is a routine checklist to start off the day right.


A proper morning routine is a habit that prepares you for the day. But building new habits is hard. I found checklists to be an ultimate tool to compensate for potential limits of my memory and attention.

Reach towards your perfect morning by marking tasks done one-by-one. It‘s such a pleasure to see the checkmarks appear. The checklist progress is archived every day, letting you to build the habit a day at a time.


Too often poor technology gets in a way of productivity. This was the main problem to challenge while working on this project. The app is designed to be a first-class citizen on your device. It‘s built to be beautiful in it‘s simplicity.

There’s a lot of competition in habit building niche, but general purpose apps simply can‘t compete with simplicity of a single checklist. This removes another layer of friction on your way to act as planned.


Get insights on your routine by tracking the time each task takes. When the day is over your progress is saved to history where you can see how your effectiveness changes over time.


- The checklist — the main ingredient.
- Time tracking — see time spent on each task.
- History — observe your effectiveness over time.
- Export your history — we believe your data belongs to you.
- Single purchase — no ads and no personal data collection.
- iPhone/iPad iCloud sync.
- iOS Dark mode.
- More to come soon.


If you have any question, or run into any trouble — please contact me. I’ll be glad to help you.
Mykhailo Drachuk