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Are you hungry and have no idea where to eat? Well here comes Yood A one-touch, location-based search app for food that is simple…so simple that all it does is give me the location and phone number of the highest rated restaurant closest to me. Finally, the cure for a Hangry Life.

You can also order directly from these restaurants and have the food sent directly to your door!

Yood also supports Apple Watch so that you can access restaurants even faster from your wrist. Yood for Apple Watch includes ordering as well. Getting a pizza to come to your house just became insanely easy and fast.

Yood can also see trending restaurants in your area and will give you customized suggestions on what we think you'll love to tryout.

Now you may ask why do I need another search app? We agree….we do enough searching throughout the day. So our goal is to take the SEARCH OUT OF SEARCHING!

Now you can save your index fingers for much more important things like Candy Crush or stalking your ex-girlfriend’s Instagram feed instead of endlessly searching.

It’s just too crowded with to many choices. With Yood we’ll give you the best and give it to you now. It’s that simple.

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Paul Jonas II