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Looking for a personalised Yoga App that provides you tailor made programs? Your search ends here. YogiFi is designed keeping just YOU in mind. Very often you are overwhelmed with so much content from the apps, online videos etc., You might have skipped yoga class due to traffic, time, conflicting priorities or just unable to keep up with pace along with others.

As the name suggests, YogiFi is a Smart Yoga Trainer app that helps individuals to learn asanas at home with guided instructions, tracks posture alignment, motivates and guides practitioners with real-time correctional feedback based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV) technologies.

Key Features:
- YogiFi offers flexible & personalised programs with daily motivation to integrate yoga into your daily lifestyle. It allows you to be with yourself and be on your own journey.

- YogiFi app recommends the most suitable program based on YOUR goals, limitations and other parameters.

- YogiFi offers virtual yoga sessions curated by our expert trainers, offering flexibility to practice yoga anytime anywhere. Yoga by Nature allows you to learn yoga postures with nature backdrop transporting you to the himalayan foothills, beach, forest etc.,

- Twin hearts feature of YogiFi app allows you to challenge your buddy / friend / family member on the yoga skills.

- Our programs also come up with a daily schedule with a series of asanas that deliver impactful results when practiced regularly with breathing and awareness.

With the YogiFi Mat, the app will turn into a virtual yoga instructor that provides guidance and real-time feedback on each asana.

App can track your progress over a period of time in terms of flexibility, strength and overall wellness.

The app integrates with the Health app (HealthKit) data to read and track the heart rate to show them after performing the session.

If you are a yoga teacher and would like to contribute to YogiFi, please write to us at [email protected]
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