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Yoga for weight loss | Prayoga

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Yoga for weight loss | Prayoga

Welcome to Prayoga.
Prayoga - meaning experiment, is a completely reimagined way of learning Yoga.
While Yoga is usually learnt from a teacher in a Yoga studio, Prayoga attempts to bring the teacher directly to your iPhone and now the Watch!

Check out exciting new updates from Prayoga


Try the new Prayoga widget that helps you get to your Yoga practice right from your Home Screen or Lock Screen based on the time of the day


Ask Siri to simply "Start Prayoga Morning routine" or "Resume Prayoga courses" to kick start your day or take it from right where you left off


Virtually run, bike or hike around the world with scenic trails on Prayoga! Get real time stats as you workout, share stats with friends.


Try a meditation routine curated by Yoga experts. With unique Yogic techniques, these meditation routines are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


With permission to Apple Health, Prayoga can now intelligently suggest cooldown routines, cardio workouts and more as you go about your day. No need to choose what you need to practice. Just get to the mat and Prayoga help you choose the best routine based on how your day has been

Prayoga on the Watch is a one-of-a-kind experience that our team has built. With the Apple Watch becoming a ubiquitous part of workouts and fitness, the Prayoga team has worked hard on bringing the entire Yoga learning experience to the Watch. The app works seamlessly between connected Apple devices:
* A standalone Watch app that guides users to perform an asana through audio streamed on the Watch. Each step of an asana is indicated using illustrations specifically crafted for the Apple Watch. Using Always-On display, users can quickly glance at the right way to do an asana.
* When connected to the iPhone Prayoga app, the Watch acts as a personal concierge. After asking some basic questions from you about your concern areas, we are able to bring up customised caution alerts for you. This elevates the experience from a generic app experience to a much more personalised workout for our users.
* If the Prayoga app instructional videos are being streamed on an Apple TV or iPad, using ShazamKit, our users can receive smart alerts on the Watch.
* Workouts start and stop automatically.
* Breathing haptics on the Watch
* Hold Timers for when a step needs to be held and more!

What makes Prayoga unique?
* With ML and Vision based body tracking, Prayoga tracks up to 17 joints in the body to evaluate an asana as it is being performed and gives real time feedback on what can be improved. Keeping the phone at a distance, the user can hear clear voice guided instructions, simple visual cues and easily perform the asana as if the instructor was right there.
* Time based simple routines that are intelligently suggested depending on what time of the day you choose to do your yoga practice offer complete flexibility as well as a gentle nudge to keep the routine going and build a habit.
* The Yoga poses, programs and routines have all been carefully reviewed and created by top Yoga experts of India - the birthplace of Yoga.
* Short and long term programs that can help alleviate concerns like respiratory illnesses, weight or help you relax and unwind.

Every asana you start on the watch will start and stop a workout on the health application. The workout is saved as a mindfulness workout.

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If you would like to collaborate with us, or give us feedback would love to hear from you. Reach out to us at [email protected]

**Disclaimer**: While all of our Yoga routines and courses have been created under expert guidance, please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise routine.
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