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by Yneom
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by Yneom
Simplicity - Serenity
Always perfect water
An eye on your pool from where you want when you want with a secure connection
Alerts and notifications in case you need to intervene (e.g. replacement of a treatment product canister)
Connected Pool
Automatic management of your pool
Control your pool from your smartphone, tablet and computer
Real time water analysis 24/7
Automatic management of filtration
Automatic regulation of pH
Automatic water treatment: chlorine, bromine, oxygen
Control of all your equipment such as heating, lighting or your robot

Optimization of filtration time; up to 30% energy savings
Optimization of the quantities of treatment products; Up to 20% savings.
Calculation of your energy consumption
Calculation of your consumption of maintenance products

Optimization of the filtration time
Optimization of the quantities of treatment products
Reduction of the ecological impact