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Yield Cropwise Operations

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Yield Cropwise Operations

Yield forecast and harvesting campaign tracking application.

Cropio Yield helps tracking a yield forecast of crops in the farmer’s fields and keeping up with a harvesting campaign online.

You can now receive an information on current yield forecast, changes for the last two weeks, sowing structures and the latest data about a collected harvest – all that in a simple and easy-to-understand form on a screen of your mobile device. As well the application keeps real time prices for the soft commodities traded on stock exchanges.

All the data is available for the group of fields and down to the level of individual filed. Track the yield forecast and harvesting campaign progress within each group of fields and individual fields in areal time mode.

Cropio Yield features and data:
- Sowing structure;
- Current yield forecast;
- Yield forecast history;
- Real time harvesting campaign progress;
- Soft commodities prices.
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