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Yeelock, ultrasonic intelligent lock application. Both safe and convenient, put your key into the mobile phone, open the era of smart unlocking.

【 Function Introduction 】
- Easily sign up in one step, change password at any time, and bind all keys to your account.
- Sound wave is unlocked in 1 second, click open and use, no complex connection is required.
- Dynamic acoustic wave, bank level encryption, not afraid of recording, can not imitate.
- Click or shake can start the sound wave to meet different user habits.
- Share your keys anytime, anywhere, and authorize others to unlock them.
- The key list is in hand, the lock opening record can be checked if you want.

[Contact Information]
Thank you for using Yisuobao products. If you have any problems during use, you can feedback through the following ways:
Official WeChat: Easy Lock Technology (YEELOC)
Official Weibo account: Yisuobao
Customer service email: [email protected]
Xian Yisuobao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.