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Yandex.Weather online forecast

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Yandex.Weather online forecast

Yandex.Weather provides accurate hyperlocal address-specific weather forecasts, alerts and interactive weather radar information in real time.

Yandex.Weather is powered by the AI-based Meteum technology. This technology uses the information from thousands of meteorological sensors located at ground level and in space. It also relies on current weather reports from the service users.

Yandex.Weather users can:

— View weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the whole week ahead – for a city, city district, metro station area, or even specific street address
— Watch the rain or snow patterns on a weather radar map in real time and track their trajectories in the next ten, thirty or ninety minutes
— Choose favorite locations for tracking the local weather and easily switch between them
— Receive alerts about sudden weather changes, such as cold snaps, thaws, or rain showers
— Place a customizable weather widget on their home screen or notification bar — to be always prepared for what’s coming!
— Quickly verify current weather reports submitted by other Yandex.Weather users through a clear and simple user interface
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