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Welcome to Yakkity, an app for sparking a conversation and getting to know someone better!

To get started with the app: find another person, open the app, select a themed deck of cards, and answers the questions that are presented to you. Some cards might be questions, some might be actions (things to do), and one deck even gives you a chance to show off your creativity by continuing the first part of a story that is given to you. Some questions are fixed, while others are dynamically generated by randomly dropping in words.

You are able to select how you want the cards presented to you. Select a deck either by situation (are you having a date night, or maybe want to see how well someone already knows you?), by type (yes/no, would you rather, opinion, etc.), or by category (animals, hobbies, mystical, etc.).

More questions will be added in future updates. So go ahead... spark a conversation!
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