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XuetangX is an online learning platform spearheaded by Tsinghua University, with a mission to bring world-class education into the future. We provide learners with the best courses from top universities, authentic academic degrees in popular majors, and training of practical skills.

Catalogs of World-Renowned Courses

• Courses from 600+ Top Universities

• Earn Accredited Degrees and Certifications

• Prioritized Opportunities of Academic Admission and Job Placements

A Life-long Learning Platform

• Agile Education Environment through Online Integrated Solution

• Systematic Curriculum Design for Tailored Program

• Life-long Learning Platform for Every Student

Develop Industrial and Practical Skill Set

• Industrial Partners including Ali Cloud, Microsoft, Amazon

• Job Entry Preparation with Practical and Integrated Training

• Networking with Industrial Partners for Internship and Full-time Opportunities