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xMatters for iOS is a mobile command center that, in conjunction with the xMatters On-Demand intelligent communication platform, lets you respond to any event or critical issue - anywhere, anytime.

With xMatters for iOS you can;
- Receive critical messages and submit responses
- Access communication plans and instructions
- Initiate communication plans
- Track message delivery, escalation and response
- Kick off conference calls that are simple to attend ("Press 1 to join the conference”)
- Access personnel contact info for your organization
- Set alert tones to stand out
- Attach images to incident reports
- Extend your enterprise authentication to your mobile devices
- Protect sensitive data by enabling passcode lock

xMatters On-Demand lets organizations communication-enable their key business processes, sending targeted voice, text, email, push and pager messaging to response teams based on time of day, on-call schedule, device preferences and more. Escalate to ensure you reach the right person. Communicate simultaneously to thousands of users across multiple channels. Customize message content for different device types . Create and modify processes with drag and drop tools.
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