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Xmarton connects your car to a smartphone and allows you to control it.

Now you can control, share or just rent your vehicle once via your mobile phone, all you have to do is register at and have the Xmarton Exclusive unit built into your car.

You will always know exactly where the car is and what is happening to it. The basic controlled functions include: Switch on the emergency lights to find it in the garage. Unlock and lock (far or near distance). Remote start permission, or even permanent blocking of the start by an additional immobilizer if someone want to steals it.

Key properties:


- Only people you let start will start the car
- You or your loved ones will immediately learn about the car accident and help will go straight to it
- If the car is stolen, you can safely block the starting from a distance
- You will find out when someone breaks in the car in the parking or is towing

- The car can be used by more people, such as the whole family, without handing over the keys
- Check your mobile phone to see if you forgot to lock and turn off the car
- Warning lights flash from a distance, for example when looking for a car in a car park
- The car automatically recognizes the driver by the connected mobile phone
- You can unlock and lock the car remotely.
- Overview of the car on Apple Watch
- Voice control via SIRI - unlock / lock the car
- You can start the car remotely and cool / heat it or turn on the independent heating *
- You can turn on the additional siren remotely *

Perfect overview
- Thanks to GPS, the phone will take you to the car, even if it was parked by someone else
- You have a constant overview of the car - about closing or locking the doors and windows, the condition of the lights, battery and tank, whether the engine is running or not.
- You can see detailed statistics of driving progress, mileage, costs and consumption
- Logbook with export to XLSX, CSV on the portal
- Possibility to use the reservation system for automatic allocation of vehicle rights and calculation of vehicle use by different users

* Additional services, more in the price list on the web or on request.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or visit

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