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xMarker - The GPS Map Marker App

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xMarker - The GPS Map Marker App

xMarker is an app that helps users remember important locations. Use xMarker to add map markers for business or leisure. xMarker can automatically search for your location or you can manually input GPS coordinates to save a new marker. Your markers are shown on the main screen and you can tap one to get more information about it and even use the coordinates to open other apps such as Transit, Apple Maps, Google Maps, CityMapper and more.

There are thousands of ways a person could use xMarker, here are a few of our favorites:

- Personal Use -
Travelers & Tourists - Keep track of points of interest before or during your trip.
Outdoor activities - Make note of important hiking, hunting, fishing or other outdoor spots.
Metal Detecting & Geocaching -Save information about your finds or geocaches

- Business -
Real estate agents - Keep track of your properties with notes and coordinates.
Photographers & Videographers - Mark down interesting shoot locations
Business owners - Keep track off all of your business and/or clients locations.
Creating a new marker
The user can create a GPS map marker directly from the Apple Watch.
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