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XiiB2 Kegel Exercises For Men

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XiiB2 Kegel Exercises For Men

XiiB2 will help you improve your sexual life.

Now we added two new modules besides kegels : cardio and diet.

Main benefits of doing Kegel exercises for men:

-Stronger and longer erections
-Control of your ejaculation
-A powerful ejaculation
-Combats premature ejaculation
-Helps to combat erectile dysfunction
-Improves the ability to have an erection
-Helps improve bladder control

You can get all these benefits in a natural way, dedicating just a few minutes a day.

App Features:

- iCloud Integration
- 3 Difficulty Levels
- Lightweight App
- Easy To Use And Clean User Interface
- Discrete
- Over 20 workouts
- Up To 64 Reminders
- Unlimited Use Of The Workouts

Apple Watch App Features:

- Record your workouts in the Apple's Health app
- All the workouts from the iPhone App

※ We are open to your feedback. Please let us know what you think of the app and what do you want for upcoming updates.
Juan Garcia Montenegro