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X5 Admin Mobile

by Ytel
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X5 Admin Mobile

by Ytel
Ytel’s X5 Mobile Admin app, enables supervisors and floor managers to stay connected and keep a pulse on agent efficiency, productivity, and key performance indicators from the floor, at home, or traveling on business. Ensuring your contact center is running at an optimum level allows you to manage your contact center in real time from anywhere in the world.

Getting Started

Download the X5 Mobile Admin app by clicking “Get” to the left. Once downloaded to your mobile device and or tablet, log into your X5 Admin account. Locate your personalized QR code by clicking the “App” button on the left side navigation. Using the X5 Mobile Admin app, scan the code to activate your account. For questions please call our Smart Support team at (800) 382-4913.

Key Features

Agents are on calls
Agents waiting
Paused agents
Agents in dead calls
Agents in disposition
Agent Performance Reports
Manage users
Turn on and off campaigns