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We are pleased to announce the new Jaquish Biomedical X3® Force!

X3 Force is an electronic, force tracking X3 bar that works with a smartphone application to display and record real time data about each exercise session. With X3 Force, you can get the benefits of a smart home gym, combined with the superior X3 variable resistance workout methodology.

With every workout, you'll compete with your previous Total Force, a performance metric that uses real-time force data to calculate time under variable tension and overall workout quality. This way you will always know you're stimulating more growth.

X3 Force combines force data with time and rep count information to calculate a Total Force exercise rating, that helps to summarize the difficulty and quality of each exercise session, so that you can more conveniently track your improvement. Focusing on improving your Total Force for each exercise is a great way to confirm that you are maximizing your results and adhering to X3 best practices.

Maximize your results with data-driven workouts to help you push harder and perform better each time. With X3 Force you can:

* View Peak Forces For Every Exercise
* Quantify Overall Workout Quality
* Record Workout Duration
* Monitor Rep Consistency
* Calculate Time Under Variable Tension

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